About Us

We've been friends since childhood days; this friendship has kept us close through schooltimes, university and our working live!

While studying and later on the job, we always took care to set aside time to enjoy living. So it was only a matter of time to pick up one of our shared passions and devote ourselves to it together.

Thus we set out to share our our enthusiasm for exquisite spirits with the world - the result is a Wodka with our very own special character!

Styria in particular has a density of distilleries that is unparalleled, as well as a centuries-old history of producing high-quality spirits from a wide variety of raw materials; fruits as well as grains. So if you are looking for a regional and masterfully produced spirit distilled according to the highest quality standards and with respect for the environment, you have come to the right place! Enjoy our unique corn-based wodka! And why corn again? Of course: because, like us, it's from here. And despite all the tradition, a shot of improvisation and a little bravery to try out new things is a must!

Eure Burschen von Entbrannt – Georg, Joschi, Lukas und Rainald